‘Where to Invest Your Money When Inflation Is High’ With Nick Magguilli

On this episode of Making Money With Matt McCall, Matt shares one of his favorite investing books by inviting its author onto the show – Nick Maggiulli. His book touches on many crucial investing topics, including how to save money and build wealth over time.

Matt and Nick discuss how those strategies apply to what’s happening in today’s inflationary environment. Then, they dedicate some time to talk about long-term investing and a buy-and-hold strategy. And of course, investing doesn’t come without risk. So they dive into the importance of understanding your own risk tolerance before jumping into a new stock. This is an educational episode you don’t want to miss.

#investing #inflation #stockmarket

00:00 Why the name “Just Keep buying?”
3:29 Nicks’ long-term investing philosophy
5:57 Crypto and Risker Asset groups
8:58 How to position during inflation and rising interest rates
12:33 Allocations in gold/natural resources
16:10 Measuring Risk to build out a portfolio
18:28 International Investing and Emerging Markets
21:40 Nick’s long-term investment option

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